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2023 Round 3 - Donington Park (GP)

Tuesday 30th May 2023

Round 3 of the Ginetta Junior Championship saw a visit to Donington Park (GP) on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May, during the bank holiday weekend.

Alisha had very positive pace and a mixture of high's and low's throughout the weekend.



Race 1 = P2

Race 2 = P2

Race 1: P2 - P2

The first race of the weekend saw Alisha dueling for 1st place after spending half a lap along side the leader and going on to lead. However, extremely cruel luck saw her tagged from behind by two separate drivers on the penultimate lap seeing her dropping down the order. However, a hard fought final lap saw her take the chequered lap in 2nd place.

This race can be viewed at the following link:


Race 2: P2 - P7

Race 2 had the potential to be another great race with Alisha again starting from P2. However, with barely a lap completed it became apparent there was a brake problem developing. This got worse as the race progressed with the rears continually locking and one of the fronts going on to develop a bind. This saw Alisha slowly drop back as she struggled to effectively slow the car down and resulted in her taking the chequered flag in 7th place. Definitely a race that got away.

This race can be viewed at the following link:

Race 3: P7 - DNF

As a result of a difficult Race 2, Alisha started this one further back in 7th. After a tough first few laps of cars jockying for position, Alisha began to move up the order and running in 5th before making a great move for 4th which she held for a good number of laps. However, with 2/3's of the race distance completed the driver behind made an over optomistic, clumsy lunge down the inside sending them both off into the gravel, resulting in both drivers having a DNF. This is the second race of the weekend that got away unfortunately but that is racing!

This race can be viewed at the following link:

As always, huge thank you goes to Elite Motorsport, Rhys Simpson, Chris & Stefan Hodgetts and Adam Smalley for all the hard work and support throughout the weekend!


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