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Alisha Palmowski
21st September 2006 


Hi, my name is Alisha Palmowski. I am a 15 year old girl that has a MASSIVE passion for motorsport. In August 2015 I was lucky enough to get my first drive in a kart and have been racing ever since.


Outside of racing, I attend St. Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy (in year 10), I enjoy mountain biking, love all kinds of music and am a big movie fan.


After having my first karting experience in a corporate kart in 2015, I went on to compete in the Daytona Junior InKart Championship at both Manchester and Tamworth during 2016 & 2017, becoming the Manchester Vice Champion in 2017. During this time in 2017 I also began testing in my own 2-stroke kart.


In 2018 I made the move up into the BirelART Series UK national championship (2-stroke owner driver), again in the junior category, where I went on to become the Junior Rookie Champion.


In 2019 the series became the Daniel Ricciardo Series UK national championship where I went on to become a seeded driver before gaining the title of Junior Vice Champion in 2020 and again in 2021. 


2020 saw me have my first drive in a car - a Ginetta Junior G40. This was part of a test day at Blyton Park and I also went on to compete in the 2021 Ginetta Junior Scholarship, finishing in the top 8 and only narrowly missing out on the final few shootout. 

Car Racing

I again took part in the Ginetta Junior Scholarship in November 2021 and won, beating more than 60 other entrants, to become the 2022 season Scholar. I will therefore be making my debut and step up to racing a Ginetta Junior G40 race car in the 2022 Ginetta Junior Championship season, a support series alongside the prestigious TOCA BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) Package. This is absolutely fantastic and a dream come true offering me the amazing opportunity to race amongst the highest level of junior race car drivers in the country. 

Formula 1

I am a HUGE F1 fan and go to the British Grand Prix each year as well as a few others. My favourite driver and idol is Lewis Hamilton. I have been lucky enough to meet many of the current and past F1 drivers and was previously invited to the British Grand Prix as a VIP guest of the Racing Point F1 Team - this was an awesome experience and courtesy of my cousin Jordan Waller - a big shout out to him for making this possible.

My Future

My ambition is to have a career in motorsport. I would ultimately love to progress to the highest level possible. However, it would be great to be successful enough to achieve a professional career in motorsport regardless of the formula.