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2021 Kart Junior Vice Champion

Alisha competed again during 2021 in the Daniel Ricciardo Series UK national karting championship in the Junior DRS100 category. This was the fourth season Alisha competed at this level after previously racing in the series in 2020 and becoming the DRS100 Junior Vice Champion.

2021 was the opportunity to progress further and take the overall top spot. The 2021 season continued to be impacted by COVID-19 but the season was able to go ahead with a later start than usual but spread over a reduced six rounds from the historic eight rounds of the past. As part of this the various rounds and dates were reshuffled resulting in one of the rounds clashing with the British GP that we had already committed to. This went on to, amongst other things, have an impact on Alisha's season.

As with 2020, we are very pleased to announce Alisha was able to maintain and secure 2nd place overall (out of 30) and therefore hold on to the title of DRS100 Junior Vice Champion for 2021. This in many ways felt bitter sweet as Alisha was often the fastest driver out there, but a combination of missing one round (and having that as her dropped score), being taken out in two finals, having ongoing misfires at the start of the season (resolved for round 3) and some poor set-up decisions cost her the chance of going one better and achieving the overall DRS100 Junior title. Alisha did frequently finish in podium positions including wins despite her challenges and again proved her determination and commitment and 'never give up attitude'.

Alisha's future for 2022 is currently under review - she would ideally like to make the move up into car racing but we continue to review options for her and hope to make an announcement in the near future.


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