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2021 Ginetta Junior Scholarship Finalist

Alisha took part in the 2021 Ginetta Junior Scholarship in December 2020 and we were extremely proud to see her progress straight through the qualification stage and into the final!

The start of the qualification day (on Saturday 19th December) wasn’t an easy one with a very greasy track that was then made worse with a car dropping oil over a large section of it. However, Alisha kept focus to successfully progress through the driving aspect, media interviews and fitness tests. This resulted in an even bigger day to follow, being pitched further against the other drivers that have made it through, some of the very best young racing talent.

The final day (on Sunday 20th December) saw another tricky start with Alisha again doing tremendously well progressing through each session only to narrowly miss out on making it into the final 4 shootout (out of approx. 70 entrants) - we were later told that she was so close, but the standard this year was so high. So much so that there was the first joint Scholarship winners in its history.

Alisha’s feedback throughout was absolutely first class and the fact she progressed towards the end was amazing and to hear that the group she made it into were all more than capable of genuinely being on the grid during 2021 was amazing.

Congratulations to the joint winners Robert De Haan and Maurice Henry and massive thank-you goes out to all the Ginetta staff, driver coaches and teams for the amazing support and making this possible, especially during these difficult pandemic times!

Unfortunately, at this stage, Alisha is unable to progress onto the 2021 grid due to a current lack of funding and associated sponsorship to make this possible. Every effort is being made to secure this to allow her the opportunity to progress into this prestigious series with the chance to shine!


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