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2019 Daniel Ricciardo Series UK



Daniel Ricciardo announced today via his personal Instagram that he is to launch an exciting new karting series with his Ricciardo kart brand.

The inaugural Daniel Ricciardo Series - DRS will launch in the UK in April 2019 and is aimed for kart drivers to race in their own Ricciardo racing kart with youngsters able to start from 6 years old and upwards.

The Daniel Ricciardo Series in the UK will be run and managed by Andy Cox

“I’m delighted and very proud to be working with Daniel and his team at Ricciardo kart. I have managed and run kart racing series in the UK for over 10 years and have been involved in karting as a sport for nearly 30 years both as a driver and as a team manager.

For youngsters to race in Daniel’s racing series is unique and for sure it will help them as they race towards their dreams and develop their racing skills just as Daniel himself once did in karting on his way through the ranks to F1.

We are all very excited and are looking forward to welcoming Daniel at one of the Daniel Ricciardo Series races in 2019 where he hopes to come and check out the talent racing in his series for himself”

The ethos behind the Daniel Ricciardo Series

Karting can be very expensive and a complicated sport at times. It’s often confusing for parents and people interested in starting kart racing to engage and understand the sport. Karting is exciting and teaches invaluable life skills for youngsters through competition.

Always in touch with his karting roots Daniel recognizes the importance of keeping karting fun, low cost and accessible and a positive social experience!

By creating a bespoke kart racing series with the one make Ricciardo kart the emphasis will be focused on a driver’s raw ability and talent and who knows we may discover the next Daniel Ricciardo!

And so the Daniel Ricciardo Series is born. DRS


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