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2020 Junior Kart Vice Champion

During 2020, Alisha competed again in the Daniel Ricciardo Series UK national karting championship in the junior category. This was the third season Alisha competed at this level after previously racing in the series in 2019 becoming a seeded driver and before that in the BirelART UK Series where she was the 2018 Junior Rookie Champion.

2020 was therefore a further progression with Alisha aiming to be a genuine title contender. The year proved to be an unprecedented chain of events as COVID-19 took hold affecting all aspects of everyday life and resulting in the racing season being cut short as a result.

We are extremely thrilled Alisha was able to secure 2nd place overall (out of 28) and therefore became the 2020 DRS100 Junior Vice Champion. Along the way Alisha frequently finished in podium positions despite having some bad luck at times and being hindered with ongoing engine misfires. Despite this, she always fought hard and strong and was able to be consistently one of the fastest and a front runner. Her continued motivation and passion continue to amaze us!



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