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2018 Junior Rookie Champion

During 2018, Alisha competed in the BirelART UK Series national karting championship in the junior category. This was the first season Alisha competed at this level after previously racing in both indoor and outdoor corporate junior karting series and becoming the 2017 Vice Junior Champion in the Manchester InKart Championship at Daytona.

2018 therefore posed a great challenge to Alisha adjusting to the much higher speeds involved with the 2-stroke outdoor racing karts reaching speeds in excess of 70mph at certain circuits. This required increased physical strength, fitness, judgement and of course courage. Alisha was also the only female and youngest drivers within the junior category by some margin, a category which ranges from 11 - 17 years old.

Alisha surpassed all expectations, and out of the 8 rounds she was the winning 'rookie' 5 times, which is a subcategory within the main junior championship. As a result, Alisha became the BirelART UK Series 2018 Junior Rookie Champion.



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