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2023 Round 5 - Snetterton (300)

Monday 19th June 2023

Round 5 of the Ginetta Junior Championship took Alisha to the Snetterton race circuit in Norfolk on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June, and coincided with the end of her GCSE exams.

This proved to be an extremely difficult round as Alisha experienced unexplained performance issues throughout the weekend that effectively dropped out of the running at the front of the grid.



Race 1 = P13

Race 2 = P12

Race 1: P13 - P10

The first race of the weekend was tough. Starting in P13 and with straight line speed being down (2.1 seconds off pole) meant that Alisha had a lot of work to do. Alisha managed to move up through the race to finish in P10 but did not have the pace to move forward any further.

This race can be viewed at the following link:


Race 2: P12 - P9

Race 2 was a similar story for Alisha but starting one position higher. She managed to move up to P9 by the end of the race but a lack of performance hindered further progress.

This race can be viewed at the following link:

Race 3: P9 - P7

As a result of finishing Race 2 in P9, this is where Alisha started Race 3. Another tough race with performance issues but going on to take a P7 finish almost felt liked a win given the challenges and showed Alisha never gives up.

This race can be viewed at the following link:

As always, huge thank you goes to Elite Motorsport, Rhys Simpson, Chris & Stefan Hodgetts and Adam Smalley for all the hard work and support throughout the weekend!



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